Can Legal Representation Help You Remove a Tax Lien?

Can Legal Representation Help You Remove a Tax Lien?

If you are faced with a difficulty regarding a tax lien, you will experience a challenging process in having it removed. It is even worse than having debts listed on your credit report because it can drastically drag your credit rating down to the bottom. You can do the dispute alone but put in mind that there are a lot of things that you need to be familiar with. There will be numerous court processes that you need to comply. If you want the proceedings handled the soonest possible time, consider getting a legal representative to help you out. You might be wondering how a legal advisor can help you. Check out these processes and see what kind of proceeding you will have to get through to remove a tax lien on a credit report.

  1. Determine the qualification

If you want a tax lien removed, the first thing that you need to do is check for the removal requirements. Make sure that your tax liability has been settled, and the lien was released. Aside from that, it is essential that you are up to date with all the individual and business returns for around three years. Also, you have to review are your tax payments and deposits because it should be current. Without these, you will not be qualified to have the lien removed.

  1. Qualification Exemption

If you have a legal advisor and have already assessed that you are not yet qualified for the tax lien removal, there is still a way that it can be removed from the credit report. There is a program released by IRS whereas you can still request for the removal. There are just some terms that need to be met. The tax you owe should be within the $25,000 mark or lower. You also need to go through the instalment program where the IRS just automatically debits the monthly payment for the tax debt.

  1. Withdrawal of Lien Application

During this process, it is in your best interest if you already have a legal representative because there are things that need to be filed. The tax lawyers are already experienced in the field, and it will be easier for them to submit the IRS Form 12227. If the organization approves it, the tax lien will be withdrawn. The next step that will happen is that the IRS will inform the credit bureaus that it has been withdrawn and it can already be removed.

Just a reminder because the process is not easy as what it seems. If you want everything done the soonest possible time, it is highly recommended if you will get a lawyer. It is because they are already experienced. Also, some individuals don’t want to deal with the IRS directly most especially in complex cases. If you have a legal advisor, they will represent you and clear out everything. If you have an issue with the tax lien, get a legal representative to do the job for you to make sure that everything will go smoothly as planned and avoid any unnecessary issues just because you are not familiar with the process.