CATO_bannerDue to the evolution in the technology the human generation has moved him in the Ultra modern era of gadgets and Cyber-crime-419-sakawahigh tech environment. We can easily see the influence of technology on mankind by seeing our environment, hardly there is any place left on earth where there is no form of technology present. It exist in some or the other form around us and more over humans have made himself so indulged in the technology that all the man kind is now dependent upon this modern era of gadgets. One of the revolutionary inventions made in the human history is the invention of computers.

Internet played as the fast forward button in the human growth. Internet enabled us to connect to the different parts of the world sitting at our place. The internet has now created a network which is set and spread globally around all corners of the world. Computers and internet have turned out to be the most important part in human’s life.

the-11-skills-every-cyber-crime-investigator-must-have-600x420But as the everything has two face one is the good one and the other is the wrong side, so the internet or the network spared to every single home also sets some draw backs. The Cyber Crimes are now more prominent in the growing society. People, individuals, companies, sectors, governments, economies and countries all are open to the cyber attacks. These attacks are very harmful for everyone and there are many reasons for this to happen.

Reasons for Cyber Crime:

  1. Easy to get Access:

cybercrimeThe one who is well educated and trained in the field of hacking can easily get hold of all your data that has been stored in the computer. Hackers are professionally trained to get inside other computers and also to steal all the present information that has been stored inside the computer. For a professional Cyber Hacker it’s a trick of seconds to crack your systems security walls and get hold of all the data and take it in seconds.

  1. Complex:

InternetBanking_0Not every person is a computer expert and can fully understand the complexity of the computer and the internet network, but the one who masters it over practice of years becomes capable of protecting as well as destroying the knowledge. Mainly a majority of hackers use their capabilities for the betterment of technology and that to under supreme guidance, but the once who masters this knowledge for wrong becomes a threat for the society. And he / she can easily blow of any computer in a matter of seconds because most of us are unaware of those complexities of the computer.

  1. Negligence-

Many of us has the habit of neglecting the small errors that are given by the computer, but one should be very careful of all the warnings and error that are given to you because it may be someone trying to get into your computer.